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CDM Consultancy

The CDM Consultancy Services cover from Technical Due Diligence to PDD development, Validation, Registration, Monitoring, Verification, CER Issuance, CER sales and CER Retirement. Vert Conservation covers the entire process to register the CDM project in a timely manner, including the DOE and EB management paying special attention to the preparation of the PDD. Once the project gets registered, Vert Conservation provides the necessary support to mitigate CER issuance risk by conducting onsite internal verifications and anticipating non-conformities. The Consultancy Services of Vert Conservation in CDM are divided as follows
  • CDM Pre-Registration Services
  • CDM Post-Registration Services
CDM Post-Registration

Vert Conservation provides support to CDM projects which have already been registered for the issuance and sales of CERs; starting with the preparation of an accurate and verifiable Monitoring Report in accordance with the PDD, and including the DOE and EB management to punctually certify the GHG reduced by the project.
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